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Coconut Macha Pie


The flavors of coconut, macha, and lightly sweetened whipped cream come together in this unique dessert.

Coconut Macha Pie


The flavors of coconut, macha, and lightly sweetened whipped cream come together in this unique dessert.


Pie Crust

Matcha Filling

Coconut Topping



  1. Take a bowl and sift flour and sugar together. Take out cold butter from the refrigerator and with the help of your fingers mix flour and butter together till mixture becomes crumbly. Now add the egg and use your hands to incorporate it completely into the dough till it rolls up into a ball. The dough shouldn’t be too dry neither too sticky.
  2. In order to get the perfect texture of the crust, make sure that the dough is flattened out and refrigerated for at least an hour before it is baked in the oven.
  3. Now dust the surface on which you plan to roll out the dough with the help of a rolling pin. The rolled out dough should neither be too thick or too thin. With the help of your hands transfer the dough into the pie pan and make sure that the excess dough hanging out of the pan should be removed. Pop the pan in the refrigerator again for an hour as it will help add up to the flakiness of the pie crust.
  4. Meanwhile preheat your oven at 200 degrees C. Cover the dough with foil or parchment paper and place red kidney beans on the top. Bake it blind for at least 20 minutes or till the dough is absolutely set.


  1. Take unsweetened coconut milk in a pan and add vanilla essence. Bring it to a boil and let it simmer for at least 10 minutes. In a separate bowl, whisk egg yolks and sugar together till the mixture becomes pale yellow in color.
  2. Add cornstarch in the yolk mixture and whisk it again till it is fully incorporated. Now slowly add the yolk mixture into the milk and whisk it rigorously while you are pouring it in so that the filling is not at all lumpy.
  3. Let the mixture boil till it thickens. Make sure you are whisking it till the mixture becomes thick. Now remove the pan and stir in butter. Once the butter is completely dissolved and mixed into the mixture, add in coconut flakes and matcha tea powder.
  4. Refrigerate the filling in the fridge, however, make sure that the top of the pan is covered properly to avoid the skin from forming on the top of the filling.


  1. Beat the heavy or whipping cream till soft peaks form. Add in the confectioner sugar and matcha tea powder, while you’re beating it. Do not overbeat the cream as will start losing its consistency.

Assembling the Pie

  1. Make sure the dough is cooled completely. Pour the matcha filling in the pie and refrigerate it again till it is set. Now spread the topping evenly on top of the filling with the help of a spoon. Add coconut flakes or matcha powder on top before serving.